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Top 5 tips and things you need to become a model


The modeling world is said to be an industry full of beautifully gorgeous people with excellent bodies and perks that a lot has been envious and dreaming about. Seeing from the popular TV show Americas Next Top Model of Tyra Banks and celebrity models like Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and all these beautiful Angels, being a model is a dream job for some and a natural thing for some but whether you dream or want to become one, here are some basic tips and things you need to know to help you get that job!


Runways require height for their models simply because, in the runway, models are not the main attraction, it should be the clothes. Designers usually require their models to be at least 5’8 for their creations to flow accordingly to their designs. In the Philippines, 5’8 might be the standard but some shows accept 5’6 and 5’7 as our high heels can make it magic anyway. If you didn’t get the cut well, the next tip might be your spark of hope! 

TRIVIA: Don’t lose hope; did you know that supermodels KATE MOSS and DEVON AOKI are only 5’7 and 5’3? Although their agencies listed them as 5’8 and 5’5 respectively, there’s a lot of discussion and debates that Moss,40, is said to be 5’6-5’8 while Aoki,31, is between 5’3-5’6.


If your height didn’t help you then your “killer walk” might help you walk your way to the modeling world anyway. Some casters don’t mind a short girl with a killer walk, during go-sees, these scene snatchers make the cut. As long as they see that you can carry a dress well then you too can rule the catwalk. There are schools and personal trainers now ready teach and share their knowledge like Masters School for Models in Makati who teaches not only your model walks but everything and anything about modeling.

TRIVIA: Did you know that a model walk is different than that of a pageant walk? Beauty pageant candidates’ walk usually has longer strides. They train different from models as they train using “duck walks” or “pasarellas”.


If you’re a model, “GO SEES” will be a regular thing for you. This is the part where the models “GO” for casting and the casters “SEE” them in person. Go sees are simple casting in person. In a go see, the models and casters have the opportunity to meet each other where the model shows her walk and provides a Portfolio containing all the information needed and the projects that he/she has done while leaving the caster a “set-card” which is a piece of photograph containing the essential details like name, age, height, nationality, vital statistics, shoe size and agency including a head, medium and full body shots of the model. In making these portfolios and set cards, a model should choose a good photographer as these things will represent him/her and impress the casters. In finding a good photographer, you can find established and freelance photo services online at the latest trend in looking for the “right guy” at raket.ph.

TRIVIA: They say that the real model usually has a big bag and should always be equipped with black 5-inch pumps as her weapon in her battlefields of go-sees and castings. Models should carry it around with or without scheduled castings along with her set card.


For your career to truly flourish, you need a good agency to back you up in go-sees and castings. a real agency helps you find good jobs and projects that will benefit you both. Agencies have good connections and networks. Some of them also help you with the basic stuff that you need to include building your portfolio, creating your set card and even providing you GYM sponsorship to help you achieve your fitness go and maintain it. 


In anything in life, having the right kind of attitude reaps a very positive outcome. Personality is an edge in booking jobs. Having a healthy personality creates rapport and relationships. Having good friends in the industry is a significant advantage. Attitude and personality are very essential in a model’s life. This usually determines the staying power of the model in the industry.