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Raket.ph is a search engine for Filipino freelancers. Connect and work with people around you, even face-to-face. Next time around you'd need "a guy" for a job, there's a place to look for them, e.g. Photographers, Developers, Event Organizers, Tutors and more!

The Filipino culture of looking for services has always been coursed through connections or limited only to the people they know. Though sometimes effective, this naturally limits the number of our options, their quality, and their individual transparency. Those same limitations has always caused scarcity in project demand for talented resources in the Philippines. This culture is what Raket.ph is going to bring to the next level and, at the same time, preserve by providing Filipinos a rich talent pool of anybody who has skills or expertise to offer. Raket.ph shines the spotlight on anybody who wants to make themselves visible to potential patrons all over the Philippines. It's the Yellow Pages of the 21st century.


To be the global standard in the service industry by providing individuals a dynamic platform to showcase their abilities through continuous innovative enhancements.


To be the number one service searching destination in the Philippines through our platform for freelancers and professionals featuring work quality and customer satisfaction.