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Fashion and Flair with The Gela Beef: True Confessions of Freelance Stylist/Blogger


We have entered the age of the hashtags: #OOTDS, #Selfies, and #HMUOTD. For most of us, these hashtags are just one of those things we try when we’re bored but for a large part of the “new generation” of working force, it’s a way of life.


Vibrant and stylish, Angela “Gela” Munoz is part of the multi-hyphenated generation. Aside from being a rising star in the blogging community, Gela is also a stylist, a singer (her group, Those Girls performs at gigs from time to time), a social media manager, a graphic artist, and a budding entrepreneur, recently launching her one woman clothing line, Effy Clothing.

At 24, Gela is able to lead such a multi-faceted lifestyle simply because she’s a freelancer and not tied down to one job. When asked if it is difficult to be a freelancer in the Philippines, she is quick to say, “I’ll have to admit, it’s not that easy because there’s so many talented folks in the Philippines. So you really have to give it your all, believe in what you can do, put yourself out there, and step outside of your comfort zone to book jobs and to get to work with brands.”


She credits social media in helping her online profile and credibility, “Social media has definitely helped with building blogging and styling careers – potential clients can book you just by looking at your Instagram account, online portfolio, or blog! With a lot of hard work, patience, personal branding, and faith, one can definitely go places. Honestly, I’ve got a long way to go and I can do better, styling and blogging wise- it’s a learning experience everyday.”


When asked if she enjoys being a freelancer and the busy schedule that comes with it, Gela says, “I love my jobs even if they can be quite hectic sometimes. I’d rather be super busy than just sitting still at home. For the blogging and styling portion of my life though, I have been very grateful to God for every opportunity thus far! I never really thought my love for fashion would somehow into a career. God’s full of surprises and I’m loving every amazing minute of it.”


If you, just like Gela, have an interest in fashion, the best day to begin is today. All it takes is a bit of courage and faith that everything will fall into place as it should. 

Authored by our very own Carla Bianca V. Ravanes! Check out her profile!