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5 Tasks That Small Businesses Can Outsource Now

5 tasks small business can outsource 

As an entrepreneur, sometimes we tend to bite off more than we can chew, thinking that doing everything ourselves will yield faster and better results. However, as your small business grows, you have to learn to let go a bit and delegate some tasks.

Getting assistance from experts in certain fields of your business will free you up to focus on other aspects where you are needed the most. Here are 5 small business tasks that you can outsource now.


Web Design and Development

Most small businesses don't need a full time web designer and developer. Unless you're one yourself, you may choose to outsource certain tasks involved in managing your website. Tasks such as installing new themes, handling email ticket support and site maintenance can be done remotely.

Content Marketing

Writing and promoting your content can take a lot of time. Even if you love to write, you don't have to do all the writing yourself. A virtual content marketing expert can help you develop any material that you may have and distribute them via your blog, social media accounts, newsletters, press releases or email blasts. Delegating these tasks to experts who are able to integrate all your content to your website will improve click conversion rates for your business.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Managing the company's financials is the bane of many small business owner's existence. Bookkeeping is one of the most detail-oriented, most time consuming and most daunting tasks you can undertake. If you're already struggling with computing payroll, balancing your accounts, sending invoices, or paying suppliers, it would be best to just outsource an accountant or bookkeeper to do them on your behalf. Doing so can help you not only track and record financial information in a timely manner but also save you from possible mistakes that can affect your operations and bottom line.

Social Media Management

Social media marketing is one of the fastest and most effective methods of reaching a wider audience. However, it can also be very time consuming as it calls for regular updates and replies to comments and inquiries. It also involves a lot of research and analysis. If you want to maintain a meaningful presence on social media, leave this task to someone who's an expert in the field. These tasks can be easily done remotely using mobile devices so there's no one need to hire a social media manager in house.

Administrative Support

Administrative tasks are usually tedious, repetitive and boring. This usually involves answering non-essential email, encoding, scheduling, booking travel needs or filling up paper work among others. If you're already wasting way too much time on these, delegate them to a virtual assistant instead. 

If you’ve never outsourced before, doing so may be scary for you. After all, you’re entrusting parts of your business to other people. However, as long as you do your research and hire the best candidate, outsourcing can turn out to be the best solution for you.

 Written by our very own Janice Lim! Check out her profile.